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“I am delighted to be a participant in S K Y P E S P A C E, a progressive and exciting project that delves into key concerns of my current practice –  relationships, line, form and expression. Drawings mediated through a digital platform are laced with the nuances of ‘virtual space’. The contemplation of this space will expand how I think about my own practice”
– H. Zeinert (2018)



The S K Y P E S C A P E  exhibition, public lecture and UTAS and Senior Secondary Arts Student Laboratories at the Salamanca Art Centre engages Hobart audiences and local art students in an encounter with two earlier iterations (Skypetrait & SkypeLab) that explore how art practice contributes to a better understanding of the impact of everyday digital screens on how we now ‘see’ the world. Skypescape adds the UTAS and Hobart to this global Skype network across Australia, Germany, China and South America.



Skypescape 2018: overview of SkypeLab 2014-2017 & Skypetrait 2012-2013 at Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart.

Wednesday 28 March – Thursday 26 April 2018

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